A New Adventure Awaits

I’m about to close the door to one chapter of my life and open a new one. On Monday, I gave notice where I’m currently working and through mutual agreement, this Friday is my last day. On this coming Monday, I will begin my new job.

I am terrified, to say the least. Even though it wasn’t working at my current job anymore, I still knew what I was doing. I realize it took time for me to get to that point but the comfort zone is still there. I know my stuff (I do the accounts receivable at a large shipping company).

Now, I’m changing industries completely and have to learn all over again. I can learn it. I know I can, just as I know that this is the right decision. I’m just scared to bits.


4 thoughts on “A New Adventure Awaits

    • Thank you! I told my brother something very similar (I’m taking a cut in pay for this to start out with) and I told him the pay wasn’t worth it if I was miserable. Just have to keep remembering that!

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