Unexpected Wellies Socks

My step dad turns 75 on Thursday and so we’re all getting together this weekend for him. I’ve been struggling with trying to figure out what to do for him as a gift. My mom got him a nice pair of boots from LL Bean so I decided to make him a pair of nice socks to go with them. Sure, he knits but he’s always knitting for everyone else. I’m not sure anyone has ever really made something FOR him. So I am.

A quick search on Ravelry uncovered the Irish Wellington Socks, which are precisely what I’m looking for. I’m doing them in Lion Brand’s Fisherman’s Wool in this nice heathered cocoa brown and then the heel and toe and two stripes in the cuff are all this yummy spiced pumpkin from Blue Sky Alpaca. They look fantastic together! (night time pic so the lighting/coloring is crap, but you get the idea)



2 thoughts on “Unexpected Wellies Socks

    • The pattern is very easy – stockinette knit in the round to be loose enough to fit over another pair of socks. I may have to do a pair for myself as well! 🙂

      He does knit, so we have a good time chatting about it sometimes. My sister also knits, which gets us into trouble. 😛

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