Alzheimer’s Stinks

This has been a very trying week and I am grateful that it is nearly through. My mind has been elsewhere and focus been completely shot. 

My grandfather is in the very end stages of Alzheimer’s and cancer. For a while now, the doctors have been able to keep him comfortable, but his time is quickly approaching. He’s got pain meds pretty much non-stop, is not sleeping at night because he’s afraid to. He’s barely eating or drinking. 

Last night my father told me that my grandfather had seen my aunt and grandmother. My grandmother has been dead since 1995 and my aunt since 2010. 

It is time. He knows it is time and as much as it completely stinks for us, it will be a blessing for him.


4 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s Stinks

  1. Stay strong Den!!!! It won’t be long. His body is tired and his mind is too. Seeing his family is a good thing. Life will be a lot easier for him once he has passed on, smile. Hard for the living, easy for the dead. I’ll be praying for you and your family! Hugs….

    • Thank you. He has been through so much and I know it truly will be a blessing. It’s just so difficult to watch as we wait for him to take that final step. My brother and I have hopes to visit with him again this weekend (he’s 2 1/2 hours away) and I told my father last night that I would go even if it meant just sitting in a chair reading to him and holding his hand.

  2. It truly does. My grandfather always thought I was my mom and he had no idea who my sister was which was truly sad as they had been so close. As tough as it is, look forward to remembering the good times once you get through this.

    • Thank you. He passed peacefully Friday night surrounded by family. It was a very different feeling – none of us cried, rather we celebrated that he was with my grandmother once again, which is what he’s wanted since she passed away 19 years ago. He’s finally at peace for the first time in far too long and we’re happy for him.

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