WIP Weekend: Making Progress…

Getting projects finished and given to their recipient is always a great feeling. The last couple of weekends, I’ve made quite a bit of progress.

First, I gave my step dad his previously mentioned Irish Wellington Socks yesterday. I’d found a nice label on Pinterest to print out and folded them nicely. He loved them and put them on immediately, then left them on all day.


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Finished Wellies…

I finished the Irish Wellington Socks I mentioned the other day, even though I never made it to my mother’s to give them to my step dad. We’re in the Northeast, they’re over an hour away and we had snow coming down like whoa at one point – only to have it fizzle (I am SO not happy with that). But I got them done and will take them over next weekend instead. They’re huge, perfect for over another pair of socks, and I think he’ll love them. I hope.


Milestones: One Year, Dairy Free

Once upon a time, I was plagued by horrible IBS-like symptoms, severe acne, and terrible, painful hand eczema. One year ago I went dairy free.

It’s been a learning curve, for sure. Some alternatives taste better than others, some recipes turn out better than others. One of the best things I was told when I began this journey was that I couldn’t look for things to taste the same as before I went dairy free and that’s true. You can’t. If you do, you may be disappointed. Instead, I’ve had a great time finding blogs and cookbooks of alternative recipes, vegan recipes and trying new foods that I may otherwise have not ever tried.

The IBS symptoms are gone (unless I have dairy). The acne is cleared up and the hand eczema? GONE.

It’s amazing to me all the things I lived with because I thought I had no choice or were normal and now know otherwise.

It was the best thing I ever did.

A New Adventure Awaits

I’m about to close the door to one chapter of my life and open a new one. On Monday, I gave notice where I’m currently working and through mutual agreement, this Friday is my last day. On this coming Monday, I will begin my new job.

I am terrified, to say the least. Even though it wasn’t working at my current job anymore, I still knew what I was doing. I realize it took time for me to get to that point but the comfort zone is still there. I know my stuff (I do the accounts receivable at a large shipping company).

Now, I’m changing industries completely and have to learn all over again. I can learn it. I know I can, just as I know that this is the right decision. I’m just scared to bits.

Unexpected Wellies Socks

My step dad turns 75 on Thursday and so we’re all getting together this weekend for him. I’ve been struggling with trying to figure out what to do for him as a gift. My mom got him a nice pair of boots from LL Bean so I decided to make him a pair of nice socks to go with them. Sure, he knits but he’s always knitting for everyone else. I’m not sure anyone has ever really made something FOR him. So I am.

A quick search on Ravelry uncovered the Irish Wellington Socks, which are precisely what I’m looking for. I’m doing them in Lion Brand’s Fisherman’s Wool in this nice heathered cocoa brown and then the heel and toe and two stripes in the cuff are all this yummy spiced pumpkin from Blue Sky Alpaca. They look fantastic together! (night time pic so the lighting/coloring is crap, but you get the idea)


WIP Weekend

Things are finally settling down after everything with my grandfather. He passed away peacefully in his sleep and surrounded by family on March 7 at approximately 9:45 pm.  There was a lot of driving back and forth and time with family (2 1/2 hours one way). There was a lot of comfort for us knowing that this is what he has wanted since my grandmother passed away nearly 20 years ago. He firmly believed he was going to be with her again and my family found comfort in this. I love my family, but it was exhausting. Yesterday I caught up on some light housework and my son spent the night at a friend’s house.

In the meantime, how about another WIP Weekend in which I actually accomplish something? Firstly, I finished the poncho that would not end for a friend. LOTS of stockinette, so it took much longer than was necessary. Before sending it off to Germany, I need to finish with the ends and wash it quickly. I’m not sure of the pattern at this point, it may be a mish mash, but the yarn is Knit Picks Shine.


So now I’m trying to see what else I can get accomplished this weekend and have dug out my niece’s socks to make progress on those. I’ve decided to do an afterthought heel on them and the contrasting yarn has already been inserted.


Alzheimer’s Stinks

This has been a very trying week and I am grateful that it is nearly through. My mind has been elsewhere and focus been completely shot. 

My grandfather is in the very end stages of Alzheimer’s and cancer. For a while now, the doctors have been able to keep him comfortable, but his time is quickly approaching. He’s got pain meds pretty much non-stop, is not sleeping at night because he’s afraid to. He’s barely eating or drinking. 

Last night my father told me that my grandfather had seen my aunt and grandmother. My grandmother has been dead since 1995 and my aunt since 2010. 

It is time. He knows it is time and as much as it completely stinks for us, it will be a blessing for him.

Much more than a 1 Hour Cowl

I saw this cowl I don’t even remember where. Pinterest, perhaps? And I really liked the look of it, so Wednesday even at my knitting group at my LYS, I picked up this absolutely lush yarn by Blue Sky Alpaca. The cowl took on a life of its own between the first cast on and now – Instead of just a cowl, I wanted an infinity scarf, but the first time around I didn’t cast on enough, so I frogged it and cast on again – it may be a little long now, but it will still work beautifully. In the pattern, it said to cast on 100 stitches. I cast on 200. I used not quite two full hanks of yarn. And now? I want to do a hat to go with, though not in herringbone, just the same yarn.