A New Recipe Tried . . .

I love to cook. Often that means adapting some recipes that I find due to a dairy allergy, but this time I didn’t have to. Since finding out nearly a year ago I was allergic to milk, my kitchen adventures have led me to many places. Tonight, that led to mushroom ravioli from Vegan Yumminess.

To start with, it is delicious. My 14 year old is loving it and is devouring what I’m not eating right now. I didn’t do the sauce mentioned in the recipe only because by the time the pasta was cooked, I was starving.

First, I sauteed the mushrooms, onions and garlic (I used 2 and not 1 clove).


It smelled SO good as it was cooking, too. After I added the liquified cashews, it looked like this:


The dough was challenging. I had an idea it would be, but underestimated it. It had to be kneaded by hand and as I am a wee bit vertically challenged, I put the bowl on the floor so I could get above it to kneed. It looked like this:


And we’re almost there. Needless to say, a pasta roller is on its way:


And finally, we have this. Yes, I do plan to make it again, but after the pasta roller arrives. 😛



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