FO Friday

2016-03-04 10.51.37

I’ve just finished Blue Sky Alpaca’s Two Harbors Poncho and I adore it! It’s very boxy, but it’s also very warm and snuggly – perfect for those cold New England days to curl up with a book and a cup of tea.:)

I’ve also begun a Lacy Baktus, made with Marion Foale in grape and love that as well. It’s very easy to work on while watching tv or sitting with the family.:)

2016-03-03 15.44.34


Baby Bonnet Finished

2016-02-27 22.43.13

Tonight I finished this baby bonnet for a former co-worker. :)  It’s sort of from all over the place – the crown is from one pattern, the leaves from another and the flower from yet another.:) I think it works though. The yarn is Marion Foale, which was perfect for this!

She’ll be picking it up in the morning. I hope she likes it!

Today’s WiP

2016-02-21 13.25.23.jpg

In between watching the Daytona 500 and rendering lard for soap and cooking, I’m also crocheting this wee baby hat that a former co-worker has asked me to make for her. the yarn is Marion Foale in Grape and the pattern is Crochet Baby Hat with Butterfly.

I was also given unrendered lard by a co-worker for soap making or, since some is also leaf lard, baking/cooking. I am currently rendering it now. We’ll see how it goes.:) So far, it looks pretty good.

FO … Sunday?

Before the holidays, I’d sent a friend a Yule gift… Only to have it disappear somewhere along the way. Boo hiss.

I have just finished her replacement and will send it out tomorrow. Hopefuly this time it makes it to her. I’ve made her a pair of seed stitch washcloths and am including homemade (by me) Calendula soap and Coffee Soap. Think she will like it?

2016-02-14 17.10.46

Oh the weather outside is frightful…

My drive home from work (2+ hours early) was uneventful, which I am so so thankful for. We’ve already had about 8 inches of snow and it’s still heavily coming down. The roads are dreadful and visibility is even worse.

I have a new office at work. Where I was sitting previously was a shared office and had a lot of traffic going through. It was nightmarishly distracting and noisy and I had NO space. Plus, I’m closer to the door when families come in, deliveries, etc. I got settled in today, mostly, and I’m starting to love it.

2016-02-05 10.53.22

And finally, I’m also working on a delightful poncho from Blue Sky Alpaca using Blue Sky Alpaca Extra in red. I’m just loving it. I’ve never done a three needle bind off before, so I’m looking forward to something new.  And the yarn! So lush! I just love it.

2016-02-05 15.46.03

Tonight on my needles

I truly wish they would stop changing the update page and just leave things alone. ARGH

Anywho. I’m currently working on yet another pair of socks. I’m pretty sure the yarn is Lana Grossa, the pattern is Abbey Morris’s Dancetty. I thought it would work nicely with the different colors in the yarn. I really like how it’s striping up!:) 2016-02-04 19.49.51

Holiday Greetings

Most importantly – If you should celebrate Christmas, I hope yours was very merry and you spent it surrounded by loved ones.

If you don’t, if your path takes you elsewhere this time of year, I hope whatever you celebrate, whenever, yours was also marvelous!

I have sort of been under a rock these last few months (OMG when did they change the update page AGAIN?) madly knitting for a baby shower (No pic, oops!), several sets of minion hats and mittens, and a hooded animal cowl. I’m done now and am determined to finish a project or three for myself!

First off, my Sanquhar Gloves. So very close!:)

2015-12-25 17.05.19.jpg


I haven’t been around a lot lately, I know.😦 I’ve been sucked into holiday knitting (just crossed another one off, yay!) and have been having some (hopefully) mild female health issues (don’t worry, I’ll spare you the details). I have a doctor’s appointment this coming Tuesday and am also taking my first yoga class Monday evening to see if we can get some resolution or progress between the two.

I’ve been wanting to take yoga for a while now and finally decided this is the right time, so I signed up for a beginner class for Monday after work. It also ends with a meditation, which I am super excited about. Actually, I’m really excited for the whole thing. And my mother-in-law said that her doctor had mentioned her doing it for her chronic back pain so maybe, just maybe, we can do this together. We shall see.

Any other Yoga peeps out there?:)

Teal Pumpkins . . .

This year, teal pumpkins for Halloween take on a different meaning. I’ve been dealing with food allergies, but this year? We add a new one to the mix.

The other day, I learned what a mild anaphylactic  reaction can be like. I should have gone to Walk In Care, but didn’t recognize it for what it was until later. Now I know.

I’ve got a doctor’s appointment lined up to discuss having an epi pen. I have a medic bracelet on the way. But I’m still a bit overwhelmed by this. My dairy allergy isn’t life threatening, so this is a whole new experience. All new things to learn all over again. More food to look for and avoid.

Then I start doubting myself, wondering if I imagined it or convinced myself it was happening. But I described it to the medical examiner that comes to work & he confirmed it, as well as a pair of co-workers whose kids have allergies. They all agree. And I don’t know if I’m relieved or disappointed.

So in the meantime, I do what I do. I read. I research. I prepare. I’ve made a doctor’s appointment and let family and Co workers know. I’ve ordered a medical bracelet.

But this is Maine. Seafood is huge in our culture here. Sigh.