Little by little

The sock is growing little by little. This is my third pair of toe up socks and I think I’m ready to branch into something other than stockinette. I think. :-)


I was asked recently about teaching a crochet class at the LYS I work at. We’re looking at starting out with the basics and then branching into African flower square animals, which would then cover chart reading, joining, etc. Sounds like my vacation may include a crochet project! :-)

My stomach has been a mess since yesterday. Last night was not good and today I’m fine if I don’t eat. Sigh. When I get home tonight, I’m going to make some Paleo crackers to munch. :-/


You know when you keep making stupid mistakes on the same (very simple) pattern, it’s time to take a break. Twice now, I have had to tink back the collar of the Sherlock Bones coat for making practically the same freaking mistake. I have roughly until the first to finish it, so I’m trying to rush, which is clearly a mistake. So tonight I’m working on my green socks and tomorrow (or the next day), I will go back to it. But for tonight? Not the night to work on it.



Yesterday I said I’d post a picture of the pieces of the dog sweater I’m working on. It doesn’t look like much and I think the color may be a bit darker in the photos than it really is. But these are the pics as the pieces are now. I’m hoping to get things together within the next day or so. :)

As cute as it will be, I am also very ready for it to be finished and to move on to other things.

2015-07-19 09.35.41


I kind of vsnished, didn’t I?

I am getting knitting done, though! A co-worker has asked if I’d   knit her grand doggie an adorable little sweater, so I’ve been busy with that.

It’s a Debbie Bliss pattern called Sherlock Bones and the yarn the Co worker selected is a lovely Heather from Knit Picks. (To be clear, I am not selling this. She purchased the yarn and I’m putting it together as she is not an experienced knitter. I’m making no money/ profit). She is picking up the buttons over the weekend.

Of course, I have no photos just now. Doesn’t this figure? I’ll edit them in tonight. :-)

A better shot…

The tones really remind me of cinnamon. :)

This is another shot, in better lighting, of the sock I posted last night. :)

2015-06-22 18.01.31

Tonight on my needles….

I was working on Buttercup by Heidi Kirmaier, except my gauge was way off. It turned out that I’d grabbed the wrong needle tips when I cast on. *facepalm* So I frogged that but instead of picking it up again, I decided to work on a sock WIP.

It’s just a basic toe up pattern from Wendy Knits. The yarn is who knows what from someone on Rav that had it for sale in their stash. :P I do love the fall tones, but it’s hard to tell in this photo. Today the weather is truly gloomy and nasty and makes for horrid photos that even PaintShop can’t save. :/  But you get the idea. I’m just not sure how much further up the calf I WANT to go. :P

2015-06-21 19.41.15

FO Friday!

It is done. It is complete. And I am IN LOVE with it. It had the exact size that I wanted – both sleeves and body – and I adore the color so much! It’s a change for me. I usually do earth tones and so I have nothing in this color. :) And still 7 more balls left over for … Something? LOL :)


Critical Design Decisions…

This is the cardi with the body nearly done. I’ll do the sleeves full length, but I am undecided whether to add buttons or not! And if so, WHICH buttons? Such crucial decisions! :)


Why is the entry area where I post so small It’s only an inch tall (in Firefox, Win8.1). Can I change that?

Kitchen herbs

I have a very roughly built raised bed at the corner of my house that my son and I built last year. Last year I put annuals in that flourished and looked beautiful, but this year I couldn’t decide what I wanted there. I thought about holding out until fall and planting bulbs for next year (with annuals again for the summer). I thought about perennials. I thought about a lot of things.

But then I got the kitchen garden in and realized I left myself no room for any kitchen herbs. Oops. I’ve tried an herb container garden. It didn’t go well.

Viola! That’s what I’d do with this bed. Put my rosemary, thyme, oregano and chives there. So today, I was on a mission. I got all of those, plus basil and sage. I bought compost and good soil and snagged some newspaper from my MIL and laid everything out, except for a plant from my husband’s aunt that I need to move in the fall. This should be perfect – it’s right by the front door!

And here we have a before and after. I did extra chives and basil because we use those the most often. NOM!

2015-05-29 19.17.44 2015-05-29 19.39.05